This Week's App:

What is allows you to create a virtual environment and create an avatar that can walk around this environment. You can then have other people join and when you walk up to them your video and mic will automatically turn, allowing you to talk to them. These rooms can have private rooms that allow multiple groups of people to have meetings, talk, and interact. To end the meeting you just leave the room. It is like Zoom, but with more human ways of interacting. Don't believe us? Check out the example below.

<aside> ℹ️ Here Josh walks into Drew's private cubicle. Notice as he walks up the camera and mic come on. Only the two of us hear each other and can see what we are doing.


Gather Gif final.gif

What can it be used for?

As you can imagine there are several different ways you can use You could use it to create a virtual classroom to have live sessions, a virtual office to hold office hours, or a virtual study room for students to freely enter to collaborate and study together in. Some people have even held fully virtual conferences through

In you can video call, chat, share your screen, collaborate on a whiteboard, and even set up different tables for your students to do all of this at. Imagine, in you can lecture then have your students break up into groups just by going to tables that you pre-designated for them. All you need to do is tell them to walk to the tables and at those virtual tables they can video chat, share screens, and share documents. You can do all of that without ever having to designate breakout rooms.

How do I get started?

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