This Week's App: Coggle

What is Coggle?

Coggle gives you the ability to quickly create these mind map graphics by color-coding branches of the mind map automatically and giving easy quick buttons to start new ideas or branches.

What can it be used for?

Mind Maps are meant to leverage the way our brain thinks, it forces students to process and work through connections between resources, thoughts, ideas, etc. Coggle allows your students to visually layout ideas & connections in new ways. For instance, you can see how I laid out in a very basic form a mind map that explains the process. I was able to quickly layout different elements of why they are useful, what they are, and some of the basic uses.

So what can you use it for? Well, coggle can be used for several different types of uses, but we would recommend looking for activities where students need to process ideas. You could have your students create a mind map to visualize important terms from reading to find the connections, plan out projects or papers, brainstorm ideas, or even use it as a note-taking idea. Mind-maps can be used for most initial idea or concept processing assessments. The point is to get your students to start process concepts.

How do you get started?

First, we recommend trying the tool yourself, you can go to and click sign up now to get an account created. From there Coggle gives some great tutorials within the app to help you get started. We recommend checking out their Creating Mindmaps help page if you have issues. This is a great support page with guides that can walk you through the whole mind map creation process.

Then when you are ready to start trying to use this we have a things that will help you identify where you can use this practice.

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