This Week: Our Series Breakdown

Episode 49 is a bit different this week. We conclude the Accelerated Learning Series with a debrief and review. Many thanks to Justin, Casey, and Alex for joining us in this conversation.

If you haven't listened to their episodes go check out the rest of our Accelerated Learning Series.

In this breakdown we attempt bring together all the ideas that were shared over the last three episodes and give our take on all of it. We care about this subject, and we hope that some of our insights can help faculty and designers work better on their content, while we hope that prospective learners learn a thing or two about what to look for in a program.

Our Honorable Mention App: Zencastr

What is Zencastr?

While we didn't mention a new app in this episode we did use one to create this whole series. We used a tool called Zencastr to record each of the guest episodes for this series.

Zencastr logo.png

Zencastr is a web-based podcast production tool that allows you to record multiple people from different locations to separate audio and video tracks.

What can it be used for?

The answer to this question is pretty simple, it can be used to create a podcast! That said you might be wondering why use this over other recording solutions or even Zoom? Zencastr was built for podcasting which means it does somethings that a broader solution like Zoom cant.

Multiple Hosts & Guests.png

With Zencastr you can record the video and audio for each person all at the sametime, but create separate tracks for each person which makes editing much easier later. Zencastr also allows you to live chat and leave footnotes while you are recording.

Once recording is done Zencastr can do automatic post production so that you dont have to do much editing at all. In other words Zencastr can really be used to make podcasting easier. This means it can be a great tool to use to create learning podcast content or have your students use to create a podcast.

How do I get started?

Zencastr has two pricing levels. They have a free hobbyist plan and then a professional plan. You can learn more about each plan on their pricing page. Zencastr is pretty easy to pick up so we recommend signing up for their free plan first and try it to do some recordings. You can also learn more about using the tool by reviewing their Getting Started guides.

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