This Week's App: ThreadIt

What is ThreadIt?

What can it be used for?

While ThreadIt is another video tool, the thing that makes it so unique is how easy it makes it to have a asynchronous conversation through video like you would in a chat tool or texting. When you create a video it creates a “chat like” thread that allows others to quickly reply to your video with a video and then others can reply to others on the thread with a quick video as well.

Then your student can easily reply back in the thread to ask questions. Or imagine using it to do an announcement or post a question, then having each student record a response and then reply to each other like you do in a discussion, but with video. ThreadIt allows you to chat as you are able, but with quick video.

How do I get started?

To start using ThreadIt simply go to, and sign up for a new account using your google account. From there you can start recording, it is that easy! If you have any issues learning how to use the tool we also recommend checking out ThreadIt’s support page.

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