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The HiTech Podcast is a conversation between two friends who love talking about tech with a heavy dose of nerd lore and interests. Join us as we learn how to integrate tech into our work and hobbies.




Josh Headshot.png

Josh Swartz

A lover of technology, theology, and learning. Higher education pushed me to pursue a new way of living by combining tech and productivity. Whether itโ€™s organizing my game nerds or systematizing a content development pipeline, I look for ways to enhance my life and those around me through the effective use of tech.

Will Headshot.png

William Illingworth

A problem solver whoโ€™s always looking for a new problem to solve: no, really. I love the pursuit of solutions and what we learn from the process of investigating, researching, designing, and delivering solutions. I look for the best tools and methods to solve problems across academia, hobbies, communities, and businesses.


Seasons & Series


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Are you in search of a tool to organize your personal life, business, or team? Consider checking out Notion. We use Notion to manage our entire podcast, business, and even this website. From planning episodes to managing our team's projects, we do it all using Notion. It's a versatile tool with a lot to offer. Join us at Notion by signing up with our affiliate link to begin organizing EVERYTHING you do.

If you're new to Notion and need a starting point, consider exploring Joshโ€™s Personal Productivity Management Template. It offers a convenient method to organize your life, manage projects, and consolidate notes in one location.

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Need a journal that's secure and reflective? Sign-up for the โ Reflection Appโ  today! We promise that the free version is enough, but if you want the extra features, paying up is even better with our affiliate discount.

If you want to learn more about Reflection App and what it does check out Episode 53 | Reflection & Reflection.App where we talk about the app and its uses.

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